The token grants trading cost discounts and governance rights. Token holders that participate in governance are compensated for their service to the protocol with a part of the protocol's revenue.

Trading cost discount

$D8X can be used to reduce trading fees on the D8X exchange. If you trade often on D8X you might consider holding D8X in your wallet to profit from even better trading conditions. If you are a white-label partner and you hold D8X, you can offer even better trading conditions to your clients.

Refer to Fee Structure to get a detailed overview on the benefits that holding $D8X provides.

Referral system

$D8X can be used within the referral system implemented in D8X's frontend-kit. White-label partners get access to a 2-layered referral system. By default, the $D8X token is embedded in the referral system. If you are a referrer, $D8X can be used to increase your commission rate. The higher your commission rate, the larger the kickbacks you are able to grant to traders using your referral codes.

Protocol governance


D8X is a fully decentralized exchange. Holding $D8X provides holders the right to propose and vote on changes to the D8X protocol.

Governance Rights

$D8X tokens can be used to make or vote on governance proposals, such as:

  • Vote on the inclusion of new liquidity pools

  • Vote on use of Treasury funds

  • Govern contracts

Voting is based on a timelock system. The longer a token holder holds token, the more voting power the holder accumulates.

Protocol Governance Rewards

Participation in protocol governance is of fundamental importance for the protocol. Therefore the D8X protocol compensates governance participants for their service to the protocol. Token holders that participate in protocol governance are compensated with a part of the protocol's profit. Compensation is based on the share of voting power of participants that participate in governance.

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