What can you trade?

  • D8X offers classical perpetuals with no borrowing or roll-over fees

  • D8X perpetuals allow for linear (for example ETH/USDC collateralised in USDC), inverse (for example WOKB/USD collateralised in WOKB), and quanto (for example ETH/USD collateralised in WOKB) perpetuals

  • D8X perpetuals can be calibrated for a diverse range of underlying assets

  • The specification of the D8X Perpetuals contract is very closely following the original perpetuals as introduced by BitMEX and later adopted by Deribit.

  • Traders put down a margin and they can enter a long or a short position in a perpetual contract

D8X offers multiple order types and competitive fees.

How can you trade?

You can trade D8X perpetual futures using:

See onboarding on how to get started.

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