D8X Overview

Meet THE perpetual futures engine

D8X is an institutional-grade perpetual futures engine with a financial engineering approach that fundamentally changes the way perpetual futures can be traded on-chain. Think of a decentralized BitMEX that can be white-labeled out-of-the-box.

Its pricing-mechanism adapts to changing market conditions protecting liquidity providers and profitable traders, resulting in the best trading conditions DeFi has seen.

D8X perpetuals are built so that they can be collateralized with virtually any ERC-20 token. Therefore it is possible for D8X to launch perpetuals that are collateralized in yield-bearing tokens.

D8X provides a front-end kit for white-labelling partners. White-labelling partners can brand their front-ends and set their own trading fees. They can even incorporate their own token in setting fees.

What you can do on D8X

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