White-label D8X

What are White-label Partners?

White-label partners are third parties that offer a frontend. Trades from users interacting over their frontends are routed to D8X.

D8X offers White-label Partners simple ways to route trades to the most capital-efficient DEX.

White-label partners earn partner fees

White-label partners earn on every transaction made through their frontend or app. White-label Partners can collect a white-label partner fees, which they can freely customize.

All white-label partner fees are transferred directly to the white-label partner's wallet, and partners retain full custody of their funds.

White-label partner fees are paid by traders on top of industry-low exchange fees. Reaching higher Tiers allows white-label partners to further decrease exchange-fees.

How can you white-label D8X?

D8X offers flexible white-labeling options, including a UI-kit, a NodeSDK, APIs and contract-integrations:

  • The D8X open-source UI-Kit offers a premier perpetual futures frontend tailored for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Fork, brand and host your own UI and start collecting partner fees in no time. Dive into our hosted version on testnet and experience the capabilities firsthand - Explore the UI-Kit!

  • White-label partners can also connect D8X to their existing app through a Node SDK or REST API

  • Contract-trading allows to integrate directly on-chain, enabling for example efficient on-chain hedging

White-label solutionDocumentation

D8X UI-kit and backend

Our Guide provides all information you need to know

Node SDK

Our NodeSDK documentation provides all technical information you need to know

Contract integration

Refer to our D8X Integration Repository for an overview on how to integration on smart-contract level

Other requirements

White-label Partners have to fulfill certain requirements. White-label partners make a payment to the smart contract ("depositBrokerLots" available for example via Node-SDK) to become a white-label partner for the corresponding liquidity pool. The size of the minimal is determined by a "lot size" for each liquidity pool. Get a broker lot here https://d8x-whitelabel.pages.dev/

The orders that are brokered by a given white-label partner need to contain a signature of the tuple {trader address, deadline, partner fee} to avoid other actors abusing the white-label partner credentials.

More information

Refer to d8x.exchange for more information on white-labeling as well as contact information.

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